Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's Been A While

Well, apparently I don't have as much to say as I thought I did. LOL! Or, maybe I'm just too busy. I've started homeschooling Luke for pre-K and we are having a great time. He pretty much begs to "do school" every day. This is somewhat the opposite of what I thought it would be like. It's interesting to watch him learn and figure out how he's learning. We've only been doing it a week but he's proud that he recognizes the letter A now and he knows what sound it makes. I have several friends who are homeschooling also and am part of a homeschooling group. Some of the women in that group amaze me. One has been homeschooling for over 20 years. When I first started looking at curriculum I was so overwhelmed and thought to myself, "There's a reason why we PAY people to educate our children". However, I feel priveleged to be educating Luke this year. Who knows if it will continue or not. I think if Luke has anything to say about it, it will. He's such a momma's boy! I don't think I would mind. I think it would be kind of fun to relearn some things. :)

Another new thing that is keeping me busy is a workout schedule. For the past year I've sat in Nathan's room and watched the neighbor lady take walks...sometimes two to three a day while feeding Nathan. It was a bummer. I wanted to go exercise sooooo bad. So, I finally did something about it and rejoined the gym. Ahhhhhh! I love the feeling of being physically tired and sore. Seriously! It's been great. Of course, during the exercise it's not so great. But the feeling priceless. I can see some results that's rewarding. :) And, I have to say that having a little alone me time is good too. It's good to have a workout buddy also to motivate me. It's even inspired Marc to get back on the band wagon. Go Us!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Off and....walking!!'s official. My baby is now a toddler. He's toddling all over the place and is having great fun with this new skill. Such an adventure. I think our friends son got him started. Their son is about three months older than Nathan and when they came over the other day he was walking all over the place. Nathan just watched and pretty soon he decided to try it himself. So, his first attempt was a successful 10-15ft. What???? That was a long way for the first time!!! Bittersweet it is....growing up. I've always tried to resist the getting older thing. :) And now that I have kids I can't believe how times flies. Wasn't it just yesterday that I was cuddling with a newborn? Ahhhh....what sweet days those were. Of course, these days have their own fun with a little cuddle time mixed in. :) Children trully are a gift from the Lord.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Here I Go..... I go. I've officially become a blogger! Does that mean I'm up with the times now? LOL! Seriously, I've just found myself wanting to write to "vent" the good or the bad lately. When I met Marc I started keeping a journal. I wanted to remember every detail of our courtship...yes, it was that special. And, I did a REALLY good job of keeping that journal. Occasionally, we'll pull it out (yes, I shared it with Marc after we got married) and read some of it to remind ourselves of those days. It usually involves a lot of laughing. It is a treasure and I hope one day my boys might appreciate reading about their parents. I hope it inspires their "dating experience". So, after we got married....the journal kind of fell by the wayside., maybe this will be a way that I can share my thoughts again...:) At least it will be a way I can get them out of my head. :)

So, the thought for the day is....why does the body of Christ invent so many stupid "man-made" rules? Seriously, I think sometimes God sadly shakes his head and says, "That's not my way". Don't get me wrong...there is a place for rules...without them...there would be chaos...or worse. However, I think some rules are made without thought...I mean real thought. For instance, do people really think about what the purpose of a rule is and how will it effect others? Is the rule really necessary? Is there a better way to accomplish something? I don't know. All I know is that today my family was slapped with a "rule" that made us feel rejected and quite frankly sent us into a tailspin, so to speak. In our eyes...the rule we were presented with is a STUPID rule! In others eyes...maybe not. Maybe it's just your perspective. Maybe if we all looked to the Lord and His absolute authority and asked ourselves what we should do, if anything...maybe fewer people would walk away from the church shaking their heads and maybe more would be embraced into a loving, highly effectual church family. Just a least it's out of my head now. :)